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Providing Superior Security Solutions in Coos Bay/North Bend and surrounding areas.

We work together with local law enforcement and alarm companies to help improve security presence at your home or business. We will be that professional set of eyes and ears for you when you are away, keeping watch over your property. We can respond to alarms at your home or business in a timely manner, assess the situation, and coordinate appropriate emergency response.

Crime is up! Are your assets protected?

Let’s Talk Numbers
(crime rate per 1,000)
Burglary in Coos Bay
Burglary in USA
Theft in Coos Bay
Theft in USA

Our Services

Frontline Defense Security Services offers three main categories of security. We offer a variety of services within those categories. To view all of the services we offer, click on the button below. We would love to do an assessment of your property to determine your exact needs.

Security Staffing

Security Staffing

Security personnel will come to your business, construction site, school, church, sporting event, concert, or government facility.

Frontline Defense Security Services Fleet

Mobile Security Patrol Checks

Checks may include driving through your parking area, walking around the perimeter of your area, and checking for unlocked doors and windows.

Verified Alarm Response

If you don't have a verification method in place, local emergency responders may refuse to show up at your location, even in a real emergency!

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Customer Satisfaction

We over-deliver in our effort to provide you with a security solution for your home or business.

24/7 Communication

Someone will be available around the clock to respond to your needs.

Our Fleet

We have a variety of vehicles, depending on the terrain and the needs of our customers.

Emergency Help

Experiencing a natural or unnatural disaster?
We'll be there for you to help prevent pilferage,
or to protect your property until help arrives.

Advanced Technology

We work with, not against,
modern camera systems, alarm systems,
and alarm companies.

Licensed Officers

Every person who works for us is DPSST certified through the state of Oregon
and have TWIC credentials


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Discover how our security services can support and enhance your daily business operations.

We will be that professional set of eyes and ears for you when you are away, keeping watch over your property. We come out to your property to determine your exact security needs and even time it! Then we’ll put together a package that suits your scenario.